EDMG Digital Media Course

The EDMG Digital Media Production course is a 6-week pre-apprenticeship course that introduces students to digital media, music and video production tools – integrating basic production theory, hands-on experience and business practices. It provides students with a solid foundation in digital media processes, industry grammar, and visual media literacy.

Students will master efficient use of state-of-the art creative media software and gain market-ready skills in story structure, aspects of song writing and production, video pre-production (writing/storyboarding art) planning, production (directing, art directing and lighting, grip/technical, audio recording), drone cinematography, and post-production (editing and effects/technical directing).

Technical Components 
Overview of Music and Production Facilities
Overview of Music and Video Production Tools
Creative Process: From Concept to Music Video
Intro to Video Pre-Production: Script Writing/Storyboard
Song/Lyric Development/Music Composition/Beat
Marketing Plans/Development/Post Production
Standard Music Video Production
Drone Music Video, Film Production & Cinematograpy* (FAA Drone pilot certification)

Business Development & Marketing Components
Business Management
Intellectual Property
Creative & Technical Resource Management
Marketing (Market Research & Analysis)

Leadership Development Component
Students will earn industry-recognized micro-credentials when they demonstrate mastery of their production management skills. Students must work as production teams and present scripts, storyboards, marketing strategies and final media productions for EDMG’s The Ultimate Entertainer Team Competition. Winning productions will receive marketing, fundraising, distribution and job placement support through EDMG’s media outlets.

Our Instructors
The instructors of this program are award-winning, certified, and highly regarded internationally for their achievements in Media Management, Writing and Producing, Music Composition and Production, Video and Audio Production, Drone based Cinematography, Information Technology and Telecommunications Engineering. Our professional experiences in music and television includes assignments with Universal Records, SONY Music, ABC, CBS, CBN, FOX, NBC, PBS & BET.