EDMG Community Outreach – Our community empowerment program for millennial audiences concentrates on media/social media-based training, personal empowerment technologies and strategies for reaching this critical segment of our communities.

Civil Rights-Based – Civil rights and dignity for all are both essential for learning. Knowing who you are, holding a positive self image and understanding the rights you have is the cornerstone for a solid foundation for empowerment.

Respectful & Inclusive – Information is shared in a non-judgmental, inclusive way to create open dialogue about gang prevention and personal empowerment through sustainable, entrepreneurial, media-based solutions.

Holistic & Sustainable – Our program covers five key impact areas and has sustainability at its core. DREAM – Discover, Revitalize, Educate, Activate and Mobilize! The power of media with millennials is paramount. This is about positive social interaction and media-based education initiatives!

This drives an insatiable appetite for entrepreneurial-based endeavors, and is a major catalyst for future success.

For more information, contact Dana Jewel Harris – Director of Strategic Planning & Community Engagement, on our Contact EDMG page.


EDMG Community Partners

FOCUS Institute of Technology (Drone Technology/STEM)
NEXT Steps YEP (Leadership Training)
Amer-I-Can (Personal Development)
Celebrity Charity (Human Services)
Just Blues (Arts Education)
Celebrity Boot Camp (Health & Wellness)
The Ultimate Entertainer (Workforce Development)